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It's been years, I know. I've been sucked into Teen Wolf fandom and have started a tumblr (I feel 16 again!) here. Please comment below if you have one too, I'm scrabbling my way through the alien landscape, trying to find familiar faces!
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New vid

Kiss with a Fist
Length: 1:47
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Summary: Steve and Danny express their love for each other. Or, the obligatory fandom "Kiss with a Fist" vid.
Spoilers: All aired episodes
Notes: With huuuge thanks to Lepaugus, Merelyn and Kate for their help.

Download coming soon!


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I'm trying to get back into the podficcing game. Or, you know, the producing fucking anything game. So I've signed up for this love meme. It's my first ever one!

Dean - Cas

Am I missing something?

So I'm desperate to get the hell outta dodge LJ land, because of the ads and the other hideousness. I'm trying to make the full transition to Dreamwidth, but what makes it difficult is that, despite having imported my friendslist, my reading page still only shows dreamwidth accounts. I'm pretty sure I'm missing some obvious ticky box somewhere or... something, but still. Confused! Can anyone help?

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Have come to the airport to meet 1TL. Sadly, his flight is delayed, so I'm killing time by using the MOST EXPENSIVE INTERNET IN THE WORLD. £1 for ten minutes. I suppose it's to discourage people from hogging it, but still. I could have used the net on my phone, but my battery is flagging (as always, it feels).

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if I'm in the correct terminal. For reasons that don't need explaining at this juncture, I'm winging it a little. 1TL doesn't actually know I'm going to be here.


I dreamt last night that I was in Jurassic Park. Not the movie, the place. And I kept getting nibbled on by velociraptors. I remember very clearly in my dream complaining that why didn't they take the killer dinos out after the last disaster, but clearly no one cared.


By the way, before I forget AGAIN... thanks so much to all the people who gave me snowflake cookies. They warmed my heart as only a snowflake cookie can.


I feel like I'm wishing my net time away with this countdown thing. Also, the more my minutes go down, the more the flight delay goes up. I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas. I spent it with my friend E, who is getting married in April in Las Vegas and wants me to go. I'm havering, mostly because of my horrendous fear of flying.


This may be my most boring journal entry ever. Perhaps the spelling errors will make up for it. There are interesting people using the computers beside me. One man is just tapping the keyboard. Not hitting keys, just tapping it. Another is swinging in his chair. I'm not sure I'd pay 10p a minute to spin in a chair. Maybe that's just me.


TV shows I'm enjoying at the moment: Gavin & Stacey - which I'm including even though it just ended, because I'm still rewatching; Merlin - ditto; Better Off Ted; Psych - can't wait for the season to resume; Chuck - can't wait for the season to start. And probably more, but those are what spring to mind now.


I'd like to see a Merlin/Arthur AU of Gavin & Stacey. Could be charming.


Ok, I've resorted to checking out the talent coming through the gates. Of which there is not much. Argh, his flight has been delayed by another three minutes, making 47 in total. I suppose it could be worse.

Outside it is snowing gently, but thickly. As I drove along the A4 flyover with Radio One crackling on my poor car radio, it felt like one of those perfect moments.


I'll stop spamming you now, and start poking the people on my chat list for a little while. Happy New Year!
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New fic: Pale

So, because rageprufrock is such a good friend, she often entertains me when I'm down with little snippets of delicious fic. In return, I do the same - which doesn't seem a very fair trade, but I'm getting the better end of the deal so I don't mind! As a result, she is demanding I post the following:

Title: Pale
Rating: R
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Set in Pru's wonderful Drastically Redefining Protocol universe, this is the first official prime-time interview with Arthur and Merlin.
Notes: Unbetaed, so sorry for any obvious mistakes. This is mostly completely self-indulgent fic written to cheer myself and Pru up, so you've been warned.

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AU snippet

Just for [info] - personalrageprufrock...

"So this is your dirty little secret," Arthur said from the doorway.

Merlin, still dressed in sweaty scrubs from a day at the hospital, groaned and covered his face with his hands. "Ok, ok, you've caught me."

Arthur landed next to Merlin on the sofa with a thump. "Just tell me... what's the appeal?"

"Oh, come on," Merlin gestured violently at the screen. "The baby badgers are seriously cute."

Three days later, Merlin caught Arthur on the Springwatch website checking up on the progress of the sett.

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Misc - To be Frank

But no unicorns or wizards!

In the past 6 days rageprufrock and I have:

4 bottles of wine
3 bottles of beer
3 gin and tonics
2.2 bottles of champagne
2 pints of cider
1 pint of guinness
been eaten by the hedgerows once
lost one parking ticket
Eaten in 8 restaurants
spent 27 hours in the car
visited 12 towns and cities
visited 3 castles
wandered around 2 cliff-faces
fallen over on rocks a lot
tripped up narrow castle staircases several times
lied to surveyors for the National Trust
secreted 1,300 (approx) insects about our persons after time spent frolicking amongst wildflowers
gotten lost countless times

In conclusion:

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